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Anchor Bar & Grill 718 WI-59
United States

7000apart ‣ LIVE at Anchor

Event Start Date: 12/29/2023 6:00 PM
Event End Date: 12/29/2023 9:00 PM

Price: 0
Ticket Required: No

Swedish/American alt-pop duo, 7000apart, combine powerful vocals with strong songwriting and moody melodies to deliver music on an emotional level. Singer, Amelie Eiding and multi-instrumentalist, Jon Kresin have both struggled with their own mental health issues over the years and have found the cathartic nature of radical honesty, self-acceptance, and artistic expression through songwriting therapeutic. Their experiences and time spent healing have fostered a genuine passion for helping others through their music.

Amelie was a Swedish exchange student in Wisconsin and met Jon during his last year in high school. There was an immediate chemistry and connection between these two as they bonded over their love of music. At the height of their teen romance, and at the end of Amelie’s exchange program, they were heartbroken to be forced into a long-distance relationship. Against the odds, they made it work by writing songs together while being 7000 kilometers apart for three years. The duo got married in 2016 and moved to the U.S. with the intention of pursuing music together full-time. On the verge of breaking out in 2020, the pandemic brought the whole world to a halt, but 7000apart kept writing songs and building their catalog. Now touring and recording full-time with a grammy-winning and a producer development deal in Nashville, this unstoppable international indie-pop-duo has released nine singles, and is currently working on their second full-length album, Feel Your Feelings.

Event Location

Event Location:
Anchor Bar & Grill
718 WI-59 Edgerton, WI 53534

Event Type: Live Music