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Anchor is your Southern Wisconsin Event Center

With our variety of indoor and outdoor rentals, Anchor is the premier destination for your corporate event, shower, summer party, retirement party, Christmas party, and more!

For More Information:
(608) 884 -7565 ext. 2

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Anchor has 5 unqiue rooms or venus that can be rented out sepertaly or togeather depending on the size of your group or event:  

For large gatherings, consider our Stateroom, which features a rustic, industrial style with a fully-stocked private bar for a variety of event types. This portion of the property seats approximately 200 guests with a gorgeous lakeside view. 

Crow’s Nest
For intimate yet special events, the Crow’s Nest would fit your event perfectly. Our Crow’s Nest fits 50 guests with a scenic overview of the Rock River just outside the windows. 

Outdoor Mermaid Bar Area
The Mermaid Bar Area fits smaller outdoor gatherings with seating for 40 people and a private bar near the lake. 

Outdoor Patio Area
For stellar waterfront dining for groups of up to 60 guests, book the outdoor patio area with a partial overhang for guests looking to stay out of the sun. 

Outdoor Patio Area + Riverfront Area
If you’re looking for the perfect sprawling summer party, check out the Outdoor Patio Area and Riverfront Area for big gatherings up to and over 200 guests.